Kumquat Corner
1 year ago

Ep. 29 - Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes is a new trend in house buying, lets listen to John and guests discuss the benefits and disadvantages of Tiny Homes.

2 years ago

Ep. 28 - The Space Force

John Kumquat and his panel discuss The Space Force on this week's episode of Kumquat Corner

2 years ago

Ep. 27 - Baby Names

This week John and his panel discusses the importance of choosing names for babies.

2 years ago

Ep. 26- Legalized Gambling

This week John Kumquat and the pundits debate the pros and cons of legalized gambling.

2 years ago

Ep. 25 - How Should We Reopen the Economy

How should the United States reopen its economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 years ago

Ep. 24 - Storming the Capitol

With the Stay at Order in place, should citizens be storming the capitol in protest?

2 years ago

Ep. 23- Are Aliens Real?

The Kumquat Corner panel debates whether or not Aliens are real?

2 years ago

Ep. 22- Who Should get a Corona Virus Stimulus?

With a World Pandemic going on many people are suffering, who deserves economic relief?

2 years ago

Ep. 21- Should Sex Education be Taught in K-12 Schools?

Who should teach the kids about sex?

2 years ago

Ep. 20 - What to do about the Coronavirus?

Oh no! John is stuck on a cruise ship and Bobi Dorian had to step in and host the Kumquat Corner.